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Turn on the TV to any News broadcaster in the World, and what will you see? War, bombings, earthquakes, floods, plane crashes, and cannibals. I wonder if this causes us to even stop and ask what is going on. Or have we, like most, become so accustomed to hearing about and seeing death/ murder on the TV that it rarely phases us.

Or perhaps you do cringe, feel sick, hurt on behalf of others. Maybe like some, you just avoid the News all together in order to not have to see all that is taking place.

Whichever end of the spectrum you lean to, whether you are impartial/ accustomed to the News, or you detest it, you must pause to recognize the disastrous state of the world. Yes, things have always been bad, for each time, and each culture there are always the sick stories that haunt people. But I would like to know if you would respond like this:

 “has God forgotten to be gracious, has He in anger shut up His compassion?”

This is the exact question that King David was asking of his time. As he looked around at the mess that he, and his people were in, he thought to himself  “how can it be that if God were still active here, that this would be happening? Has God abandoned this place?” I think the world surrounding us might also ask that similar question. Why wouldn’t they wonder, I mean, if they hear that God is loving to everyone, why the tragedy daily, minute by minute, worldwide?

How are we to respond to this question in our own hearts, or in the hearts of others. It must be addressed, we can’t avoid it. Christian, let us respond as did David “I will ponder all Your work, and meditate on Your mighty deeds. Your way O God is holy!”

Keep trusting in the God who works wonders. Knowing that He is in control, and satan is on a leash. We can’t simply abandon true gospel proclamation and turn to aid mode. That is exactly what the enemy is trying to do. He is trying to distract even you Christian, from the blood of the Cross, by getting you to focus on the sin of the world.

Proclaim the Risen Christ to the ends of the earth. When people trust in things (buildings, fame, people, political systems, armies) and those things are lost, or destroyed, then of course it is hell on earth. When the wrong things become peoples means of vindication, worth, and ultimately their functional saviors; then God will ruin them to get their attention back on Him. It’s all about the Cross. That is the Only Good News there is; so share it.

(Psalm 77:9,11-14)

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