You know, it amazes me some things we do for pure fun. Today with a bunch of people we went jumping off the falls only to have to swim upstream, getting cuts and tiring ourselves right out. But to us its soo worth it, for the simple goal of a fun time.
A reminder to me that my goal in the spiritual world is much more then simple fun. I am swimming upstream spirtually agaisnt the majority of my anti-Christical culture. But instead of walking away with a smile on my face, often I am just beat up, worn out and gunna have battle wounds. It doesn’t have to be this way. I mean sure, I will for the rest of my life be going upstream, against the current culture but instead of a fleeting goal of fun in view, I have my relationship with Creator God. Now that’s something worth striving for.

If I’m only swimming toward Him out of obligation or fear then of course ill be worn and after it all it won’t feel worth it. If you are running from something (out of fear) verses running to something (out of love) there’s a drastic difference in energy. If my purpose for swimming so hard, getting some scraps, and tiring my self out is to be with the One I love, how worth it will it be, instead of being exhausted I you would be exhilarated!
As the world wages war against us and does everything it can to keep us from a tight knit relationship with Him, we can know that its worth it to go against the grain of this culture. Jesus never said following Him would be easy flow down stream in an innertube. But He tells His followers that they will have to take up a cross daily, sometimes that means shame and embarrassment will come to us, sometimes worse. But with His love as the motivator, I’m ready to swim up stream. You?
What motivates you?

~mobile thought~

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