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For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die”¹

What a profound statement that can so easily be read over. Go back and read it slowly, let it sink in.

It says that is is extremely rare to find someone who would take a bullet for a; upright, righteous, just, innocent man. Its even harder to find someone that would stand up for and die on the behalf of a person who is just good.

Stop and think about which category you fit under . Lets face it you and I are neither innocent, or good. We are far from perfect, and struggle at the best of times to be just decent people. If we are deeply honest, we are far from innocent, and guilt stains our very beings to the core. So, we are the least likely for any person to die on our behalf.  That verse hits hard, it’s telling us that we are so exceedingly far from ever deserving to live without the consequence of our sin, or in other words, we deserve death, and don’t be shocked if no one stands up and takes the bullet for you. Reality is, we are far from good, and this verse is so true.

The greatness of the Gospel is this; not just a man dying on behalf of a guilt drenched, unjust sinner like you and me. But the divine, dying on behalf of those whose offense is against Him alone. Think of the vast distance between the infinite divinity and humanity, can you even wrap your head around that gap? Yet this is the Only… “God [who] shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.“²

Do we get how unworthy of this love we are? Go back and read the first verse. He is trying to get across to us that we are the furthest thing from deserving of this kind of sacrificial love, we weren’t righteous, we weren’t even good, we were filthy sinners, offending His very nature. Divine love from a Father, Savior and Friend³ is the only way that we escape wrath, and explain why anyone would ever die on my behalf, it was Divine. That is one of the many treasures of the Gospel.

| Unrighteous, made righteous; sinner, set free; guilty, declared innocent; unjust, justified; rebel, redeemed
Unworthy, made worthy |

All by the Greatest Love & Sacrifice known to mankind. The sinless Son crucified.

¹| Romans 5:7
²| Romans 5:8
³| John 15:13