Undermined Creation


These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created,
in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens.” – Genesis 2:4

This verse is a reminder of all we have read so far in Genesis. All is good so far, still no sin in the world, so these accounts [generations] are times to be proud of. This verse reminds the reader of a truth so large that mere human beings in all our intellectual power can’t even fully understand. The creation of the universe as we know it (and beyond what we know). It wasn’t a minor chemistry mishap that caused an explosion and went from chaos to order over an extended- ever growing – period of time. This true account is one of creation. There was nothing except God. He [the uncreated One] began time, space and life in this simple yet profound account.

Interesting and sadly, many so called Christians doubt this account. They trust the account of Christ taking away their sin, and saving them a spot in heaven, yet find it hard to believe that God actually created everything. This is simply a double standard that undermines the Bible’s authority. This one small verse speaks loudly against evolution, “mother earth” and some sun gods.

Here we find the first appearance of the title LORD. A personal correcting clarification, for those who think creation may be credited to anything or anyone else. The Creator was YAWEH, the God of the Jews, the Only God, the Holy One, Almighty, Alpha and Omega. To give credit to luck of the draw over millions of years is to insult Jehovah! It was Him alone that created. He didn’t just set things in motion. “The heavens and the earth…they were created” (Gen 2:4)