theEmpty vs theChurch




God why does your church not weep over the lost, the empty, those who chase after fulfillment and love in all the wrong places. Do we not grasp Your heart oh God? Or is it that we are so concerned with our own selves that we are willing to allow others to suffer in their lost search for hope in anything – drugs, alcohol, gambling, work, fame, cheap sex, self injury…suicide? As if these are the only answers they find. Where is the church? Where is the Grace so freely given to us- that we must share? What ever happened to us being the Light? “Hide it under a bushel”…yea we do…this little light of ours.

Oh God, break our self obsessed hearts for these Billions of empty people, allow us to be so overwhelmed/ wrecked by the sadness of the lives we walk by daily that we can do nothing else but share of the hope that we have in You.

– Signed,
Your Church

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