The Real Father of Christmas



We all know the season of Christmas is all about celebrating the Son of God becoming the Son of Man. Sadly though, at this point in history that is the last thing that most families think of at Christmas time.

So for us Christians, we tell the Christmas story, kids act it out, some refuse to celebrate due to the origin of how we celebrate, others go all out. My question is, can we take anything positive out of what the world has made this “season” all about…So they say its about; presents, food, and family.

Baby Jesus was part of a family, He came to be a vulnerable child on earth in Mary’s arms, so that we could be secure children now and for eternity in Gods arms. This family that the flesh was born into, was the beginning stages of us being born into Gods family. Unbelievable…

While the world spends time thinking this season is all about family, are they that far off? What parents would do to spend time with their children at Christmas wretches my heart. I cant begin to think of the grievance of parents who have lost a child, or who have a child who refuses to speak to them, or even just a child who gets so busy doing other things, focusing on “the season” that they forget the ones who love them most, their parents.

Begin to imagine Gods heart this season. How many of His children are far off, who deny Him, or just get so busy they forget to just acknowledge Him.

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t spent near enough time talking to my Abba Father this Christmas, or simply just spending time with Him, only Him.

How alluring has the season become to you? The “rest”, the hustle and bustle, the presents, the lights, the food, candy, snow, travel, shopping…Just as it has with me, has it distracted you?

Spend time with your Father this Christmas, it’s what the season was all about. [He came down, to become involved in your life.]