The Day of The Lord



“For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.” (1 Thes 5:2)

“The Day of the Lord”, a way of describing that glorious day, a day that if not meditated on can flow off our lips to easily and lose meaning. It is His day. We seem so often to think it’s a day about us, when we will be taken up, when we stop suffering, when we get to meet Him. But it is His day. It is Him receiving His harvest, it is Him gathering what He purchased, it is Him being seen and fully known finally by His friends and enemies.

That day is all about Him. Incredibly though it is the Son’s day, He doesn’t know when it is. (Mark 13:32) That is a concept in itself which boggles my mind. The Godhead is of one mind, one purpose, one will, One being, yet the person of Christ doesn’t “know” when He will return. Think on just how unsearchable God is now. Just when you think you might understand Him, He reminds you of how small you are, and that your thoughts of Him are minimal compared to who He actually is.