Salvation is for…


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Often times we think how much The Cross was for us; Jesus came for us, for our salvation, for our redemption, for our sin problem, to make us new…etc. All of this is true, wonderful and the Gospel, but it is much deeper than that. God stepping into our lives to share His grace and love with us was for more.

In the Salvation of man, God not only wanted to restore His people to Himself, He not only desires all to be saved from His own wrath and eternal punishment, but He saved the world for fame. Not so that we would become famous, but that He would. He saved people for all the above reasons, but also so that the world would see and know His mighty power.

So from us becoming new creations who are restored to relationship with this loving, living God, He wants us to use this as a platform to make Him famous. Though He did make history and continues to be seen and known for the mighty power of His salvation plan, we are the ones to carry that forward.

What an honor, a privilege really to carry forward the fame of this GOD, the One and Only True God.

Salvation is all about Him. Him having His children back, Him taking the bullet, Him being known, His power and authority, His love.  | Lets not live like its about us. Though we do benefit from it, and He graciously allowed for us to be a part of this amazing thing, lets remember to make Him known through all the world for what He has done!

“Yet He saved them for His name’s sake, that He might make known His mighty power” (Psalm 106:8)



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