Prayer of Woe




My Prayer Through Nahum 3

O God, woe to the city, and to people who are full of lies, cheating and stolen goods. Woe to them who hear of the reality of Your coming judgements, and see the signs of impending destruction, yet remain in their sin. God, Your justice will come upon those who lead people astray, who abuse the vulnerable, who lure the less fortunate and who promote false gods. It is on account of such things that You are against them, and that You must judge them!

Thanks be to You O Lord, that were it not for the Grace You gave, You would remain against me also. Lord, to those You see fit to shame, let Your will be done, be glorified by exposing them. God, let others learn, let me learn from the disgrace You have brought upon nations, to be spectacles for many to see that You will not be mocked. Oh God, surrounding me this day are evil men and women who, when brought down, even to the point of death, there will be none found to comfort them. Show them Christ! The only way to be redeemed for such a state. Let Your Spirit be a comfort to people whom deserve none.

Lord, let me never think I am better than any of the vilest of men in all of history, let me not think I deserve anything but ruin. Without You, I am nothing, I have nothing, and deserve nothing. Help me God to take heed of Your warnings always, never trusting in my own strength or defence against sin, the enemy, or even Your wrath. My strength crumbles under it all as a flood crumbles brick and fire devours bugs. No matter what arms I take up, no matter what cause I labour in, I can by no means of my own avert Your judgement of sin. And because of that truth Lord, I am utterly undone. In light of Your justice I tremble. But though my wound is fatal, and my sin is grievous, Your Grace is greater than all my sin.

So Lord, for those whom You have poured out Your grace upon, we are indebted to You forever, we in fact belong to You for You bought us with the price of Christ. Thank You. And God, for those who remain under Your coming wrath, let us pray for them, break our hearts for them that we might illuminate the details of what is to come, so that they may call upon Christ, and in Him their end would not be destruction. To You Oh God belongs reverence for You are Mighty and Your plans will never be thwarted. God, You will not be mocked!