Praise to the | Conference?




Conferences are great. They inspire, ignite and encourage people to make change happen, not only in their lives, but in their worlds. People normally walk away from Christian conferences fired up, and ready to make it happen. There is just something about a mass corporate gathering of believers, from all stages of life, coming to lift up Jesus with one voice.

The problem is instead of walking away continuing to carry that Name together, they might just carry the praise/name of the conference instead.

Everyone leaves saying #conferencename changed my life. What that #speaker said will never leave me. That #band made my heart melt for God. That #conference is a must for everyone.

Nothing against conferences, or bands or any gathering. But I do have everything against praise given to the wrong things. We don’t praise the hammer for building a beautiful house, we honor the carpenter. So why is it so often that we praise ministries, conferences, bands and speakers above the God who made it happen. These things are just the tools used, just like the hammer. No doubt they are great, but without the Power of God through them, they are just ;a building, an instrument, a tongue, a man.

I think its time to stop giving more praise to the tools of God, than to God Himself. We can thank people, places, conferences and bands for being used by God, and being obedient to His Word, but I beg you to not let that be what is tweetable.

People don’t change lives, conferences don’t change lives, music doesn’t change lives. GOD DOES! Honor Him for it.