Offensive Truth



“The Truth only offends those who live outside of it.”

You know what its like to discover that you’re wrong.

If its a self discovery, we don’t like it. If an indirect comment, we aren’t a fan. And if its a directed personally to us, we hate it.

 I have seen this more and more as young people (including myself) think they are right, all the time. I mean I would be more surprised if people were living a life they knew was wrong, so clearly people think they are right. Living with conviction is great, it’s what is needed. The problem comes when that conviction is wrong.

How does one get told they are wrong, and instead of just taking offense, they would take it as a learning experience?

I am not bothered when a young person may shake off a piece of personal advice I give them. What does bother me though is when Christians express the same attitude toward biblical truth.  Taking it just like a bad piece of advise and think that it is optional in their idea of Christian Living.

When we hear Scripture properly preached, and become offended, Scripture sure isn’t in the wrong, we are. We only take offense because we are actually living outside of that truth. This is an issue. Its not something to shrug off, or think about later, when we are confronted with the Truth, and take offense, we make take action.

Friend, if you’re offended by the Bible, it’s cause you know you’re not living the Truth. Simple solution.