Let Us Make Man




Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” – Genesis 1:26

I don’t know how often you think of the whole Godhead as your Creator, and what that means, but it is simply incredible. Here we see God determine to make a creature that would be like Him – as a whole, not just like the Father, or just like the Son, or the Spirit. God created us to be like the Godhead.

“Let Us make man” – The whole Triune God, 3 Persons, simultaneously made man. They didn’t only work together to form the structure of the bones, and cover it with flesh, but working together in perfect Unity, God (as a whole) made mankind live.

God has so much authority being displayed in these verses. He can just speak a whole species into being, not because they were needed to make God anything, simply because He gave this special creation a chance to love Him and be in relationship with Him. God didn’t need Adam to name the animals, or keep Him company, or entertain Him or ascribe worth to Him. God was totally complete, and worthy before “the beginning.”

The love of God is on display here. We know that even before He spoke this creation into existence, He already had chosen you and I to be holy and blameless. (Eph 1:4 ) So in this special creation account of this complex being, God had you and I in mind. In this impressive historical event, God demands our attention.

Creation of mankind wasn’t just a simple assignment for God to complete in passing. Though here in these verses it almost might seem as though it was no big deal, God is doing much more than creating another species. He is personally, and specifically creating people to bear His image, to represent Him.

God demands our attention in His creative power, His authority, His mystery as Trinity and His great love. Without this moment in time, this ‘simple’ idea, we would never exist. God would still be Great, Holy and Mighty, but mankind would never have had the privilege to worship Him as so.

Let the creation of man, in the image of the Invisible Triune God, by the Authority of the Godhead bring a sense of mysterious awe to your day as you try to wrap your head around the account which began all we have grown to know as “people.”


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