Lived Gospel Proclaimed




To say one thing, and live another is pointless. If our purpose in speaking is to have others listen – to cause them not to listen, while we continue to speak is childish. We cause them to turn away from listening when we contradict the very words coming out of our mouth by our actions.

A person who is smoking, telling you not to smoke; a 3 year old instructing you how to drive and an practical atheist telling you about Christian living are all fruitless. A practical atheist is a person who’s life displays what they are, no matter what they claim with their mouth. With their actions, they show they truly dont believe God.

How many practical atheists walk out of the church building for the hundredth time on a Sunday, go proclaim how others should live, yet negate their entire point because of their manner of life? If we do not live the Gospel, we are proclaiming something we have no credibility to do so. People will not trust our words. If you believe/ say you believe that Christ died for the ungodly, that He loves the unlovely, that He gives gifts to the undeserving, then we must also do the same with our lives.

We must proclaim the Gospel we live. But first we must live the Gospel we proclaim.

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