Little (insulting) Faith



Often as we pray to God we speak with a filter. Only asking for or praying about that which we think is possible. We would never ask God to literally move a mountain, simply and honestly only because we don’t have faith that it would happen. So we don’t want to be known as the crazy people who pray radical things that never happen. So why bother, right? Why bother asking God for the man born blind to have restored sight, or for the hells angels leader to be saved. We don’t want to face the embarrassment of our “little wish” not coming true. So we don’t bother.
Eventually this way of thinking distorts the way we approach the All Powerful God. We minimize they way we think about His ability to do things, rather then seeing that it’s our inability to fully trust Him. Ephesians 3:20 says ” … [God] who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, ” Not only us He able to do Far beyond what we ask, but even what our little human minds could ever think up. Isn’t that mind blowing? To top it off that power He uses to do these things is not some far off inaccessible thing. That passage says its through the very Power of the Spirit that is dwelling in every believer.
So for us to approach God and filter out questions which we don’t think are really possible, not only is it hurting us and our view of Him, but I can only imagine the type of insult that is to God All Knowing. He sees right through our little faith to the deep questions and requests we have.

Ask Him anything with the right motive and surely He will answer! There’s three answers He might give – yes , no, or later. So just ask and receive with a grateful heart. Don’t insult God any longer, let your faith be mountian moving!

~mobile thought.