I sit here looking over a beautiful lit up city. A wonderful reminder that God is “the Light” and just imagining if there was no light, well, just how dark it would actually be. How we would be so lost without flashlights or candles to turn to. Imagine the complete absence of light. Its actually quite unimaginable isn’t it? What a wonderful reminder that the world needs Christ in order to be out of the deep spiritual darkness that we are born into. To be no longer groping around in darkness in complete danger of hurting ourselves and ultimately facing death because of it.
Another thing strikes me, all this light that helps guide us every single night, be it street lights or flashlights is all artificial light. It can easily burn out, break, or fail us. But the wonderful thing is God is Light Everlasting! Perfect Light, the True Light, the only real Light. Christ is the promised Deliverer, bringing Light to expose the sins hid in the darkness of our hearts but then to bring us into light, out of danger, fears and the unknown. To a life of hope and clearity. I guess ill be glad the next time a light bulb burns out, only to be a reminder to me that any artificial light, or things in our life that lord over us other then Christ will simply fail us.
This awesome truth of this only True, genuine Light that will never burn out or fail us is beyond words. The thing with that though, also comes a task. In Matthew 5:14 it says “You are the light of the world…..” The only True Light in this universe is God and He assigns us with the task of being His current representatives of that to this dark world. We are now the Light of the world! We are supposed to shine and let Him shine through us, when we are happy, when we are hurting, now that’s a God sized task.
Did you accept this challenge? If and when you accepted to take up your cross daily and follow Christ, then the answer is yea, you accepted this difficult but honoring task. We get to be the reps of the only True type of light that exists.
How cool is that?
Shine for Him!

~mobile thought~