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Was just thinking the today about sources of Joy. Where is it that we all find our joy. Today as I look around I find it the saddest thing, that if you actually slowed down enough to look at people, you don’t see many smiles. Neutral, or even pout is the natural facial expression of most people I see as I sit on the bus and observe everyday. What makes me think of this today is that I saw a girl smiling, and since it was an unusual sight I took notice.

She was smiling at her little girl, who was giggling. There was one source of joy I thought. People, kids, relationships. But as quick as the little girl stopped laughing, so had that smile, her face returned to a pout. Made me stop and realize something.

There are so many sources for “joy” that people pursue after everyday. For some it is people, for others its money or a risk, maybe entertainment of sorts ; movie, game, sport. All these things that people long after, and find their happiness in, though they may be as great as little children laughing, still only last for a while. Then things return to “reality”?

Why is it that peoples reality is one that is made up of stress, guilt, sadness and burdens? And why must this joy only live such a short life?

I think the answer to both of those questions is this: They have never experienced the “Fullness of Joy.” This joy that the bible talks about having, even in the midst of trials and sadness. The joy that is sourced in the Grace and Mercy of God. In who He is and all that has done, and will do.

True, deep, full and lasting joy is found in God alone! It is His joy.

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.”1

We as believers have every reason to rejoice, to experience this joy in the full, as we cling to Him [His full character: Love, Justice, Mercy, Father,Redeemer…etc] and His promises, both those already done [Salvation] and those to come [Restoration, Heaven, Tears Wiped Away]

For those of us who have this fullness of joy. Let us celebrate today, make every effort to not have a long face. Then do everything you can to pass on this joy. Tell others they are loved, and are worth so much more then they can imagine, giving them a glimpse of all God has to say about them. Ask God to fill you with this joy today, whether your having a hard time, or things are great, be filled, then pour it out!

When its found anywhere else, it will be gone in minutes, hours or days. We have to be sure to ask ourselves “Where will I find my joy today?” – Will it last?

1 | John 15:11


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