Journey Behind…



Well, where to start.
I cant even begin to describe how amazing it was, so I wont try.

But thank you all for your prayers. My time was extremely beneficial. I spent the three days at a Monastery in the middle of no where, hosted by some admirable men of God.

That was majority of my time spent there, and that was my plan. I really feel that silence is a discipline that we dont practice enough. We are so used to our busy worlds and busy lives that we really dont even know how to be silent. Then when we try our minds try to keep on busy, and shouting to-do lists and everything. But if you are able for just 10 mins to actually listen in silence, you may just be surprised to here Gods still small voice. And dont get me wrong, wasnt audible -hence needing silence cause God is soft spoken, you dont know it until you experience it.

God has no desire to yell at us across the busy room of life.

..So after removing myself physically from the busyness of the city and my life, I was then able to start really listening.
You know, prayer isnt just us talking to God, thats not much of conversation. I think a major part of prayer is listening. When Jesus went up the mountain to pray in a desolate place, it wasnt so He could hear God bellow through the clouds. Its so He could talk with Him, not simply to Him, prayer is a conversation.

…So spending tons of time in prayer, and reading His Word, I walk away energized reminded that God meets our needs if we lay them down. I had been feeling for some time that something was missing with my relationship with Him, that I wasnt so connected as I had once been. I simply at the offset layed that down, and waited on Him for a reply. Sure enough, guided by Him in me to read certain passages, and examine my own walk He showed me not only the issue, but a solution.

God is so …
Can you fill in the blank? …Do it, really.

This weekend away has given me a list a hundred times bigger than a week ago, and thats All I need. More of Him, and less of me. All for His Glory, Praise and ADORATION.

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