Is it possible? In your lifetime to impact 4000 people for Christ? Small little me? -Of course!

It could take simple easy 11years (which I hope is not even close to the remainder of your lifetime), and confidence all backed by the Holy Spirit, the result; 4000 lives changed forever by simply having you invest even a moment in them. Only needing to share Christ with one person a day. This person may be a close friend, a teacher, or could be a complete stranger; your waitress at lunch, or the bus driver who took you home. Whoever it may be, without hearing of Christ, that puts them one more day closer to death, without a purpose or hope. Imagine the Eternal impact you can have on a persons life, from even a simple five minute conversation with them.

Get them in front of the Gospel – the Great Story – the Love of Christ. Its not easy sometimes, I know. But Christ already has won the battle, He is victorious over the challenges you are about to face.  When we received Christ as Savoir, with that came Power! Timothy says God didnt give us shyness, or timidity/fear, but this Spirit of Power/ Truth. This same Spirit that lives in every believer, is the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, its powerful indeed, so rely on that power. He desires to strengthen you to do His great works. We are called to share Christ Today, because we arent promised tomorrow.

Todays generation of people are seeking “the real deal”, no one wants to be jerked around. Authenticity is what they are looking for, love is what they are longing for, and True hope/purpose is what they need. The Bible describes the Holy Spirit as “the Spirit of Truth” (John 15:26) And He will guide you into sharing the True story of Jesus’ life changing, life saving Grace if you would step up with confidence. You say you trusted Jesus as your Savoir, well do you trust Him when He promised you the Spirit of Truth. If you trust Him, then show Him that trust. Step up with power and declare Him.

Can you change 4000 lives starting today? You most certainly can. God has blessed you with a mouth that can speak of Him, so do it. He gave you a hand to pass out a Gospel to someone in need, so do it. Start impacting the world for Christ.

Matt 28:19 –Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,”

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