I Made Me Clean




Who can say, “I have made my heart pure; I am clean from my sin”? (Pro 20:9)

Christians know that not one person on this planet can claim that. A sinful human being cannot make themselves pure. Beyond that, we can’t make others pure or clean by anything we do. How can something tainted, untaint itself? We know that it simply cannot. The only way one can be made clean is through the blood covering of the spotless, sinless Savior Jesus.

Why then does the world lack such logic? Why is it that they believe they can fix themselves, clean up their lives and become “better people” all on their own?

Could it be perhaps that they see the greatest example of this in Christians?

How often are we caught attempting to make ourselves clean or righteous? It can be better evaluated from the opposite end of the stick. When we continually miss devotions, prayer times, church and the like, do we often feel less righteous? I will be the first to admit this is my struggle daily. I consistently beat myself up for not being up to par with my spiritual disciplines, and think that I am somehow less worthy of Gods love, or to call myself a Christian.

A side note being that I do think lacking of these things in your life may be an indication of an inner spiritual issue, yet doing more of these external spiritual acts are not what will make you clean.

Often I think the unbelieving world can stand by and watch us struggle in this sort of way and see us attribute the issue of our purity to an external act, then draw the conclusion that it must be what we do that makes is right with God.

Again, we know this isn’t true. It’s not about how good our devotions are or how much we serve the church that causes God to love us nor is that which makes us clean. It is only by what Jesus has already done. He simply has already deemed us righteous (2 Cor 5:21). Before the foundation of the world, before we had a chance to do amazing things, and serve Him, He called us worthy ( Eph 1:4). Not based on the good (or bad) that we do or have done. The way we are made righteous is “through the blood of the spotless, sinless Savior Jesus.”

We must get this and live it out. We aren’t actually made righteous by our works. Instead we work because we are already declared righteous. We do this as a response of thanksgiving to God in faith. We need the world to know this, so that they can discover true righteousness in and through Jesus, accept it, and respond in thanksgiving. He has made us pure and cleansed us from our sin, none other. (1 John 1:9)

To Him belong Glory, Praise and Adoration now and forevermore!