Holy Holy Holy Sabbath




“And on the seventh day God finished His work that He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work that He had done.  So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all His work that He had done in creation.” – Genesis 2:2-3

God created this seventh day as holy and blessed, but in order to have an unclouded, non-distorted understanding of the day we must take a look at these two simple, yet packed verses. As with other verses we see in Genesis Chapter One, very few words are used to describe such a monumental event such as the creation of a day! Without slowing to take stock we might quickly pass a magnificent display of adoration due to God.

His Work
The work of God in creation is beyond our knowledge and ability to comprehend; making something out of nothing, speaking existence of man out of dust, stars, planets, oxygen…the list could continue infinitely. God worked and exerted energy, yet never had a lack of energy or any less then when He began. Three times in this passage “His work” is mentioned. Holy, holy holy are You God. We cannot fathom the depth, or complexities of Your work. Let our attention be not limited to Your handy work in Creation.

He Had Done
The unthinkable and impossible work that was done in Creation could be done by no other. Satan and all his army, science and all its formulas or the unintelligible work of evolution could never have accomplished in a millennium what God did in passing. The Holy Trinity had done something awesome – worthy of unlimited awe! Mentioned thrice in these two verses is that “He had done” it. What no other being or force of beings could ever do. God is uncreated; He is not creature, therefore only He is able to “do” all that was done in Creation, and for this reason He is worthy of praise.

God purposefully set apart a day in the week. He blessed it and called it holy. We know that “Sabbath was made for man” (Mark 2:27 ) but was God’s design in the creation of this day meant for man to neglect Him, become lazy and self indulgent? The fullest rest a man can ever achieve is to know that he is in communion with God Almighty. Yes we are to take time off from labour, not to sleep the day away, instead we are to strengthen our grasp of Christ our Lord, and deepen our love of the Father. These things are not work Christian. He is the One that is completing His work of salvation in us, growing us, and deepening our roots. It is one more thing that “He has done”.  Another thing He deserves praise and thanksgiving for. We gather on the Sabbath to celebrate Him, hear from Him, and adore Him in community with others. When we get distracted from this task by trying to earn His favour, impress others or complain about church politics we miss the Sabbath that He so strongly commanded we take.

Christian, enjoy Sabbath rest in Him. Not as a lazy soul, but as one who knows He is at work, doing much that day. He is drawing you near Himself that you may find rest. (Matt 11:28)

Trust, praise, adore and obey.

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