His Cross | a pleasing aroma


LifeThe Cross

He chose it. The Cross.
He chose. To be ashamed
He chose. To be tortured

To feel lonely, abandoned and forsaken.
To take the weight, all of it, not just what His body could take. But more.
To be the Lamb and have His blood pour out, literally.
To take our place.
To pay our debt.


For all of this to be a pleasing aroma to the Father¹…

It was all in the plan before creation².  Jesus didn’t step in and alter the Fathers plan to punish sin, and pour out His wrath. But instead, He actually took part in the plan. “It was the will of the LORD to crush Him…³”

That is something I cant wrap my head around. That before creation even took place, it was decided that the Person of the Trinity called Son, would humble Himself, from the highest of heavens, to the dirt of the Middle East in order to be tortured and bear the outpouring of Gods wrath on my behalf?

It was no mistake on Gods part, and it wasn’t just a reaction plan once the world went wrong. It had already been decided that God would show His love in this way¹. This is a mystery of God that is so awe worthy and deserves nothing but a life of thanksgiving. We don’t need to get it, cause God understood it. Somethings He keeps us in wonder about, because He is simply wonderFUL, full of things to wonder about. If we knew everything about God, or about what He did, then He would no longer be God.

Just one last thought to ponder on. This whole thing, the sacrifice, it was “a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.¹”

This thought is far from morbid. Its not at all that the Father was pleased to see His Son tortured. He was pleased that “it is finished,”  the plan was complete, His people can be fully reconciled to Him, no longer in need of religion or endless animal sacrifices in order to seek Him, but that they can at-once call on Him and be grafted into His family.

Don’t struggle to much with the implication of how it was a pleasing aroma to the Father, and just let that be something to wonder in awe about, and something to give thanks to God for. Even though we may not understand it fully, we know that it was for our best that He did this. Wow. You may be feeling like me at this very moment, and you wanna get it, you wanna know why, how and understand Gods mind here etc etc. But…

Just wonder at His mystery’s and rejoice. This was for you. Period.

¹ | Ephesians 5:2
² | 2 Timothy 1:9
³ | Isaiah 53:10a