Firm Foundation




It is upon an inspired, Living Word in which I take this promise from – Jesus was fully God, and fully man* – and this is what my life is based on, sustained by and the only thing that brings hope to living further.

If you begin to doubt the 100% Divinity of Christ, your foundation is shaken. The moment you think Jesus couldn’t have been fully man, your foundation is cracked. Soon enough, if continuing to believe these heresies, all that which you stand on will crumble beneath you, causing a great fall. A complete disillusionment.

God breathed the Truth throughout the pages of Scripture. He would become flesh to reconcile to Himself mankind. This is the only way for salvation. If Jesus had indeed been less than God, His sacrifice couldn’t have been enough, couldn’t have been sufficient.

But thanks be to God! That the fully Divine, fully human came to be that firm foundation on which we can stand. Knowing that because of who He was, and why He came, we can believe without a doubt. Period.

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” John 1:14

**Col 1:16 ; John 1:10