How is our faithfulness reflected when we say “Jesus You are my King” then we go and bow down, yet we don’t keep my allegiance to Him as King as He requires. Or we call Him Lord, yet let other things take priority in our investments. Not only financially, but with our time and energy too. I sit and wonder if God was to walk through our homes, or even all corridors of our lives, and start labeling things that He would consider gods.  At the end of it all would He weep, as a Jealous God? What is in my life, that I (or others) could label a god ; money, car, instruments, technology?

For as I passed along and observed the objects of your worship…” Paul said this to the people in Athens, calling them very religious people. Is that merely what we are? May it not be so! When a person looks through and examines my life, surface and deep rooted, there should be no question as to what/who my God is. Is my allegiance to Christ as King, and Ruler of my life; every single aspect of it. Is God who we spend more time listening to , then a TV program? Does money call the shots, or am I completely obedient to the Holy Spirit in making my choices.  What are my daily, hourly objects of worship? He alone deserves “prayer without ceasing” and Glory all day long through our accomplishments, but does He actually get that from us, His “so called” honored Christian sons and daughters.

We so proudly wear the name badge “Christian” – saved, adopted heirs of the Living God, earths reflectors of the Creator. Yet I think if Paul were to walk through our cities and even our lives, he would agree that we are very religious but maybe not so much “Surrendered All” or “Wholly His.” For most, I think it would come to the question of torn allegiances if we were asked to remove all the pleasures of this world from our lives.

The great news in it all (yes there is great news), is that “while we were still sinners…” He remains faithful! Christ stayed on the Cross. God continues to bless you, with life and health, even though we may not in reality give Him our all. He forsook His Son, Himself on the Cross, left to be shamed to the world. So that..He would never forsake us, and thats a promise! Heb 13:5b “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

God in His faithfulness to us, leaves us a challenge.  To give up our earthly allegiances, all the objects of worship that are seen in our daily lives, to be sure that they don’t overtake lordship in your life. So that at any given time, if Paul of Tarus was to walk by, he would see your Object of Worship as the One and Only True Living God.