Enjoying God with a Headache



Determining to have a day set apart for enjoying God is great, until you wake up that morning with a pounding headache. Today, was that day for me. And that headache, never went away.

Though I spent plenty of time complaining about my headache to God today, I learned a great lesson. I can/should still enjoy God no matter the severity of my headache, sickness, injury, disease etc.  I have plenty of biblical mentors to look to, but the most encouraging and real to me is the apostle Paul.

He is a man who wrote about “giving thanks in all circumstances” from a horrible circumstance, prison. Also just having to send his friend back to the church who just about died on his journey. Paul is my example of being joyful even when things collapse, or are simply uncomfortable – such as a massive headache.

The reason for Joy is through the eternally true circumstance – that of Christ has conquered Satan. The one who tries all day long to distract me, and tries to make me focus on myself, when there is a much greater thing happening. People today became a part of the family of God, so I need to rejoice in that. People today were called home to meet Jesus, I can rejoice in that. Today, God is sanctifying me, stretching me and growing me through my circumstances, namely even a headache.

I enjoy God today, because I can still enjoy the things of God. His wonder working power all over the world; in lives transformed, sinners forgiven, people healed, miracles seen etc. But also the things right in front of my eyes and in my life; beautiful sunshine, pure snow, the Word, conversation with Him, provision from Him, blessings beyond understanding from Him. The list can go on, and that is simply why I have no choice but to Enjoy God Even with a Headache.

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