Dig Out




The key to handling a snow storm is being well prepared. Anticipating what is to come, then ensuring you have all that you need to deal with it, like; a shovel, source of heat, extra food, warm clothes, gloves, etc –  whatever the severity of the storm, you need to be prepared. There are some who have luxurious heated driveways, prepared well in advance for snow. Others have snow blowers fueled up and ready to go, some with shovels by the back door. While people of older generations make sure the pantry is stocked with extra canned goods. All of this to ensure they will be ready, whether they have warning of the coming storm or not, they are equipped.

Then you have some people who, when the snow hits, are pushing their car with summer tires out of the unshoveled driveway to get to the store to buy the winter washer fluid, a shovel, sidewalk salt, gloves, and a few extra blankets. These people are panicked and exhausted. They are desperate for supplies, for a way out, for warmth and because they were unprepared, end up spending a lot more energy and money. Often they are buried so deep in snow it seems like an endless task of getting out, they feel trapped.

Every day when we wake up we will be bombarded with temptation, and sin. The question is whether or not we will be prepared to face it. Are we trapped the moment we leave the house, stuck in a rut from our first hour, feeling hopeless for the day to be any bit godly? Does sin freeze you and debilitate you by the time you are in it and you never saw it coming? How prepared are you, or even aware that the enemy is crouching like a lion ready to devour you, and to diminish your Christian witness today, bringing storms from all angles?

Jesus reminds us to be prepared and shows us the tools that we need before the storms come, and the temptations bury us. Each morning we need to be ready for what might trap us in the day ahead. Part of our preparedness comes in our awareness of how the enemy seeks to destroy us, and in that we need to seek help. Jesus in teaching us to pray urges us to ask “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” 1 

Are you ready for the storm that might head your way? Have you prepared by begging God to deliver you from evil this day? Or will you be trapped, only seeing the mess once you are stuck in it.

Be prepared, don’t step out into the day that is full of potential to wreck you without God. Walk with Him so that even if you have to dig out of trouble, God is your refuge and strength. Even though the storm may still come, and surround you with seemingly impossible tasks, temptation or sin to kill, God will deliver you.

“Pray this day first that you may not be tempted, and next that if temptation be permitted, you may be delivered from the evil one.” 2


1. Matthew 6:13    |   2. Charles Spurgeon

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