Christmas Desire


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Whom have I in heaven but You?
And there is nothing on earth
that I desire besides You.

Psalm 73:25 (ESV)

This time of year it is so easy to lust  after so much more then all we need. We should be careful to make this passage our prayer, that we would only desire Him. Sure getting gifts and enjoying other people is great, and I look forward to it this Christmas. But if these things become a greater desire then to simply have Jesus and that Jesus would have me, then I am in trouble.

Often there are so many things on this earth that so easily distract our eyes and ultimately our hearts off of Christ. Even more so as marketing on TV, radio, stores and spread over every paper or magazine tell us that we desire these things. Instead, let us use this season where peoples hearts are increasingly warmed up to desire, and help show them that Jesus is desirable. Don’t err in thinking you need to make Him something to be desired by putting tinsel on Him like we do a tree. This is not what I am saying.

The birth of Christ is simply and singularly the reason we have this holiday (holy day) season. The world deep down knows there is something to be desired this Christmas, but while we enjoy the great food, gifts, and company, pray with me that we can show our friends, families and enemies that we desire nothing greater than Christ, He is our desire.