Check Your Understanding




Forgiveness is more than often a difficult task. We struggle to feel as though justice has occurred when we forgive someone a debt, or wrong. But what sort of forgiveness is it that assumes payment, its not forgiveness at all. It must be flavoured in grace that lets go. True forgiveness is a gift, hence the word give in it. This gift is not a payment due, or done out of obligation, as that would nullify the gift.

No doubt for us to truly forgive is a challenge and a half, yet if we claim the forgiveness of Jesus on account of our sin and guilt, then we must, I repeat, must forgive. Its not simply a light suggestion, or a friendly reminder but Colossians 3:13 commands that “as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.”

Just as through the blood of Christ we are forgiven, and declared just before the God whom we sinned against, so with through our love sourced in Christ must we forgive those who have sinned against, or wronged us. Challenging indeed, but a command none the less.

I think the more we begin to understand the heart of God in forgiving us, will it become easier for us to forgive others. To know the hurt we bring to the Creator of all when we choose to find something more pleasing then Him, then to have experienced that loving forgiveness should only help for the words “you’re forgiven” to flow off our lips on all occasions. No matter what the offence against you, the greater you understand the weightiness behind the forgiveness you claim on the Cross, the greater you will long to see another experience undeserving grace at your hand.

There are two challenges at hand, firstly to better understand grace given to you by the Perfect God, then secondly to extend the same gift to others. Think of how hard it would be to accept the message of love, mercy and grace from a person who rarely seems to get it themselves, or is unable to practice any measure of forgiveness.