Breath of Life



Genesis 2:7

 “then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.” – Genesis 2:7

Just about the only time people talk about man being from the dust of the ground is at a funeral, reflecting on the deceased. It is true, dust is a great image for what is beyond the reach of life. As people stand at a graveside they have no fear in them if this “dust” will just re-form into a living being. The idea is ludicrous. We know the intricacies of a human body, all that is involved in the flesh and blood and working organs. So to think that a little bit of dirt on the ground could live is in fact insane.

Yet, God works outside of human comprehension time and time again. Here is Gen 2:7 He takes some dirt from the ground (which He created) and lumps it all together; this isn’t a sad excuse of a sand castle. He purposefully, intentionally and artistically formed man. This work of art was no mere accidental bursting of dead cells over a large time period to form the smartest, most beautiful thing our planet knows. To even consider evolution as the way in which you and I came about is even further down the slope of insanity.

Insanity of Evolution

Firstly its insane to consider evolution of man because of the stupidity of the notion. Accidentally over time nothing became a living cell, then enough particles rubbed together long enough became some being, which again over more unknown amounts of time became a beautiful, living breathing, creative, intellectual being – who can walk, talk, invent and prosper. Right.

Secondly insanity levels increase as evolution is considered, not because of the lack of intellect, but because of the accusation against God. If we consider evolution to be true, then God is a liar. He actually didn’t form man like He said (Gen 1:27 ), He never knit anyone together (Psalm 139:13 ), actually doesn’t know our frame (Psalm 103:14 ), and since He didn’t determine from where we came, cannot then determine where we will go (Psalm 37:23) . Not only accusing God of being a liar, but also giving credit to something else for God’s work is the work of insanity. God is jealous, be warned. (Ex 34:14 )

Breath of Life

This is amazing, that since the beginning of time, God has been making dead things live. Here we see a motionless Adam brought to life through the efforts of God. This lifeless flesh would not have seen day apart from the breath of God coming upon it. How true does this resound of our souls. Left untouched by the Spirit of God, our souls are dead as dust. Yet God makes dry bones live (Ezekiel 37:5). The state of our souls before He breathes the Spirit of Regeneration on us is worse than dead. Even if we wanted to, we could not choose God, we have no ability within us (John 6:44), just as the lifeless Adam could not have chose to live; neither can our souls.

But thanks be to God that, even though we were dead, He made us alive in Christ.  His Spirit (Breath) in us not only made us alive, but it sustains us and helps us to grow and be spiritually healthy. We have the responsibility to not quench the Spirit, and allow a drought within. How do we do this? Believe in Christ, not just once, but daily and as you do so a river will flow from your heart. (John 7:38) Fill yourself with the Word and be sanctified by it. (John 17:17) And finally grow in your love and relationship for God, hunger and thirst for His Righteousness in you, allowing that spring of life to produce astonishing fruit.


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