What is the best gift you could ever get on Christmas day? A car, jewelry, money… Maybe for those who are sick it’s; health, healing, comfort. For the pregnant; a safe delivery, healthy child.  To the lonely; a friend, a call, an invitation. Gifts at Christmas go far beyond what comes wrapped in a box, or what can be bought at the mall. They come in many shapes and forms and you can give or get any of the above. Sadly though, these gifts only last for a time.

The happiness that comes with receiving a gift like any of the ones mentioned is that the excitement is far to quickly a thing of the past. You can see this in children, as they beg for “this thing” from November 1st until Christmas Day, then by the end of January, February if you’re lucky, the “necessity” and excitement of it is hard to be found, just like the toy. Does this mean we don’t buy gifts? Not at all! Enjoy gift giving, making people happy, making people smile, and feel loved. But give them the gift that lasts, firstly, and as the most important thing.

The gift of this very day, Christmas. Was God incarnate. This gift delivered over 2000 years ago, and preserved for today, so that you can enjoy it for all it is, and share it.

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord. ” (Luke 2:11)

He is CHRIST. The one who has come to save us from our sins! What greater gift is there,  but an eternal one? This is not just a nice story of a boy in manger, it begins the story of our redemption and reconciliation with God Almighty. He is Christ. The bringer of Peace. Apart of Jesus, there is no peace on this earth. We were all hostile toward God, but He mends that relationship which we broke. He is the One who brings us; the broken, lonely, enslaved into an eternally joyful relationship with the Father. He is Christ, the Lord.

Come let us adore Him.

Once you’ve adored Him, you should be able to nothing else be tell others (bring them this gift), so that they can come and adore Him too (which is the gift of God). He is Christ the Lord. ~ Eph 2:8