Being Real



Our world is so so hungry for love. Look at the things we do for acceptance, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the things we say and do, all so others will take notice of us. We want to fit in, we want to feel needed, and loved. The world finds their fix, for a time, then searches some more. Wouldn’t it be great though if they could just enter our family/community called the church and find it there?

So when the acceptance starved people come to church, what do they experience? Love, Acceptance and Unity? Yea…we wish.

Instead what is it they see/ perceive? Fakers, hypocrites, judgment…They feel as though ‘this’ isnt the place for them cause they dont have it all together like the “Christians” do. Christians are always smiling Sunday, saying “I’m great, how are you…” But lets face it. People aren’t dumb. They see right through the masks we put on Sunday and know that we are hurting just as much or even more so then they. So if we are in a community of Grace and acceptance, then why are we such fakers?

More people with who are fake and have empty emotion isn’t what the world needs. They need the deep fulfilling love of Jesus, and guess what? We the “put on a happy face” church are the ones who are supposed to bring it to them. We are to be real and genuine, so that, they can feel that they can be real and genuine.

Also so they would see that God doesn’t only want/save people who have it all together. But Jesus said He came to save the sick, broken sinners, people who are willing to get real about their messed up lives. Yet despite of that mess, bring it all to Jesus. We need to be real with people, relate to people, but show them how through your struggles and messes in life that God has power. Not a power that only helps us cover the pain, but power that works! When we come genuine to Jesus, He will make us new. Sure we may still struggle, cry, hurt, be sick, loose our job, family, and stress out, but the joy in it all is trusting it all to God. Letting people see how real it really is.

Let those who are ravenously hungry for love and acceptance find it in our community, find it in Jesus, and find it in you. First you gotta be real- so that they know they can be. Second you have to not wait for them to come to you – go to them, and third accept – no matter what, no matter whether they have sinned against you even – accept. God accepts us even though we have sinned, and continue to sin against Him alone.

Be real. Go. Accept. – All by the Grace of God. GO!