Another Year



Another year is dawning, Dear Father, let it be, in working or in waiting another year with Thee; another year of progress, another year of praise, another year of proving Thy presence all the days. [1]

This year as you work, in school, a job, at a new resolution, your walk with Christ…whatever the task may be; make sure that it is a year where you will look back and know that in all of these things your working was done with Christ, and through Christ, and for Christ.

Waiting is a guarantee this year, it will happen. You will wait for everyday things like waiting in lines, in traffic, for the water to boil, for pay day, technology to load, headaches to go away etc. Along with the daily things, there will be big events you will wait for, people, health, jobs and the like. Something we may neglect, or simply forget about, if we don’t do so with intention is to wait on God, not only in answers to prayer but as we wait [expectantly] for the return of our Lord. Let your waiting be done in all these things with Him, through Him and for Him.

This year you will progress. My hope is that this progression is not simply in age, but that this year you may intentionally set measurable goals so that throughout the year you can ensure progress in many areas in life, whether that be physical health, education, or financially. But above these things, though they are of some benefit, set for yourself goals that will grow your character in godliness, as this is of greatest value. [2]

Praise should be the central theme of your life this year as you look forward anticipating the good things, but also while preparing for the bad / more difficult things. We know that the only way this is possible is when we do it with Christ, through Christ and for Christ. Then we can always give thanks in every circumstance knowing that all things work together for the good of those who love God. [3]

Intend this year to prove the presence of God in your life by praying the Spirit would produce fruit in and through you. This may be proof enough for others to see a change in you, or just growth. Perhaps you need to go beyond just intentional personal growth, and speak out about your faith to someone who needs you to prove to them that God is who He says He is, and His presence is real in this place! The reality is that if we do the things above; work, wait, progress, and praise, all with Him, through Him and for Him then His presence is guaranteed to be be proven!


1. Frances Ridley Havergal, 1836–1879 | 2.  1 Tim 4:8 | 3. Romans 8:28